Monday, January 24, 2011

Love Remembered

Gwaltney Harris has struggled all his life to acquire wealth but still cannot purchase the respectability he desires. Desperate, he weds the shrewish but well-bred Cordelia Ashton, who has concealed a warm nature beneath a spinsterish exterior. Gwaltney, however, has secrets of his own, and he doesn’t dare grow too close to Cordelia. Despite this, they begin to fall in love, but can their relationship survive a mysterious assailant who will stop at nothing to kill Gwaltney?

Reviews (for the original edition):

"I really enjoyed the humor that escapes during the unblunted banter between Cordelia and Gwaltney; at some points the degrading words they toss at each other will bring tears to your eyes. Ms. Fisher keeps the dialogue fresh and engaging as she weaves twists and turns into the romance and mystery of this well written novel." - DeeKay, Romance Reader at Heart

"...a poignant story of love...the gripping story and the journey of two people coming to terms with the love they have for one another and the prejudices they are fighting against....Love Remembered will make you laugh and cry, and will allow you a glimpse into what the lives of some of the early colonists was truly like. Ellen has done a remarkable job... one book you will go back to again and again." - Rose, Romance at Heart

"...a delightful novel of colonial Virginia. Rich in historical detail this is a well-written novel with suspense, mystery and love....Not only was Cordelia and Gwaltney's relationship well developed but the secondary characters were also delightful. The tightly woven plot and wonderful portrait of colonial life makes Love Remembered a memorable reading experience."- Larenda Twigg, The Romance Studio

" entertaining historical romp in pre-Revolutionary America. Intriguing characters and electric chemistry make this one book hard to put down. In fact, this reviewer stayed up most of the night to just read it." - Miriam, Fallen Angel Reviews

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