Monday, January 24, 2011

The inaccurately named Hero

Hero sleeps in my bathroom, while Impulse prefers to sleep in his crate downstairs. There is a light over the shower in my bathroom which I long ago learned not to turn on. The reason it can't be turned on is that it clicks as it cools off, and Hero becomes convinced there is something terrifying lurking in the shower, and has a tizzy. Tonight some child turned on the shower light for some reason, and ever since I turned it off Hero has been barking endlessly-- not his deep "I am a noble guardian protecting my house" bark, but his yappy, high-pitched "please, please save me from the scary thing!" bark. We're talking two hours of annoying, yappy barking.

I tried everything to get him to calm down-- I let him check out the shower to see that there were no intruders, I patted him, I assured him that everything was fine. I even tried to let him sleep in my room, but he kept pacing and yapping. Finally I brought Impulse upstairs to try to console him, and that seems to have worked. Hero and Impy are pretty much joined at the hip, and in moments of stress they comfort one another.

Still, I need to make sure this doesn't happen again, because it's both annoying to the humans in the house and obviously very stressful and scary for poor dumb Hero. I'm going to put duct tape over that damn lightswitch tomorrow.

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